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Bullworker - Robin using pictureBullworkers: look out for them at charity shops, as for a few quid you can get an excellent bit of kit. It might not be flavour of the month with all the other fitness folks, but it does work. Your few pounds at the charity shop is unlikely to include a manual. Never fear the manual is here PDF (2.5 mb). Just love those moustaches, you wouldn't kick sand in their faces!

The great thing is it's easy to be specific on the muscle groups you target, so if you have a need this can fix it. Please do remember you should train muscles in "pairs" to keep a balance. For example if working biceps you need to do triceps too.

Now get working, just a few minutes a day is all you need to do. But if you do, like all training, you'll get results!

You should be aware that isometric exercises have some differences in training effect as compared to more usual dynamic exercises. You don't train through a full range of motion so the strength gained at the training joint angle is just in that position/plane. Also during an isometric hold, blood pressure rises rapidly, and an overly long hold, or one performed with poor breath control, could result in fainting, stroke, or other injury. However, dynamic exercises can be problematic if heavy weights are used, and if breath is held. Generally Bullworker techniques are simple and time-efficient and it offers an inexpensive alternative to dynamic exercise. I've always used it in conjunction with other training so I have agility and flexibility as well.

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