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the name

For my sins I have four children. They are in reverse age order:

Tom and

Flo is actually Amy Florence. She changed to Flo when going to secondary school; there were just so many Amy's!

The first three were a job lot from the early 90's, the last one came unexpectedly some 10 years later.

So loosely Xath is the initials of all the kids and the O is for Oakley. Simple.

We say/speak it "zath-oh".

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call on 0777 1807 068.

Robin Oakley is a Registered Exercise Professional Robin Oakley Nordic Walking Accredited Instructor Robin Oakley member of the Fitness Industry Association Robin Oakley member of Canoe England UK Athletics Robin is a Leader in Running Fitness  Robin Oakley member of the RYA Robin Oakley trained with Fitness Industry Education

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