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Research shows that if we go on a diet for a period, we can expect weight loss, however unless the diet becomes a way of life (and that might be dangerous with some quick-fix diets) our residual weight will end up heigher than when we started. So then you do another diet and join the yo-yo cycle!

A litttle of what we fancy does us good. Having forbidden foods is likely to make us pig-out on them after we've broken the taboo and had just a little. I advocate a diet with a minimum of fast foods. As seven time world champion paddler Ivan Lawler says if it's not been on the earth for over 200 years don't consume it. see: NHS "energy mythbuster" article.

There is no real secret to weight loss. My body analysis will provide your resting metabolic rate (RMR), that is the amount of calories you need to make your body function, if you did no activity. Add to that the calories needed for the activites you do, and you have your daily energy requirement. You then need to consume less calories than you are using. It's not rocket science, however human nature is prone to try and sabotage weight loss programmes.

Exercise for weight loss is fairly painless, brisk walking (ideally nordic walking) will do it. However it needs to be regular, ideally daily, and for at least an hour. While some will enjoy burning muscles and gasping for air, which can be essential for some competitive sports, exercise needs to be heaven not hell and for weight loss you don't need a killer regime! Indeed heavy physical exercise, in some encourages over eating, which is why you can get some fit folk who are overweight.

Body analysis also includes range of movement (ROM). Flexability is an important component of being fit.

Once we have done a body analysis, with weight, body fat percentage, viseral fat, RMR and ROM we are ready to develope a programme. We can then return to these initial values and measure improvements. The only way is up.

What of body mass index (BMI) I hear you cry. It's just a simple formula and not a diagnostic tool, it is an indicator of weight status. It doesn't take account of and individuals race, age, athleticism or muscle weight. My trousers are falling off, I don't seem to have any fat, but my BMI makes me overweight! Doctors still use it, real fitness professionals don't.

The usual cost for a 1 to 1 session is £40.

Please note: currently most morning weekday sessions are taken, so it's afternoons, evenings or weekends.

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Robin Oakley is a Registered Exercise Professional Robin Oakley Nordic Walking Accredited Instructor Robin Oakley member of the Fitness Industry Association UK Athletics Robin is a Leader in Running Fitness  Robin Oakley member of the RYA Robin Oakley trained with Fitness Industry Education

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