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Functional fitness by using a push mower. How to be mean and green!

Bullworkers might be old like me, but we still both rock!

Puff - I use a Powerbreathe (Plus) and found it really make a difference, but you need to resolve to do the 30 seconds it takes morning and night, come hell or high water. Don't expect to notice a change for a couple of months, but when you do, it's really good! see:_powerbreathe.com

BMI is rubbish if you're sporty as it doesn't take account of muscle weight. My trousers are falling off, I don't seem to have any fat, but my BMI makes me overweight! Doctors still use it, real fitness professionals don't.

Osteoporosis, apart from joining me nordic walking here's a little achievable tip that will help. When you get to the sink in the morning to clean your teeth, hop on the spot for 30 seconds first. Use the sink for balance if needed. Do it morning and night, and it'll make a difference.

As seven time world champion paddler Ivan Lawler says if it's not been on the earth for over 200 years don't consume it. see: NHS "energy mythbuster" article   see Ivans kayak (sales) site here

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